Marcella Merli
Marcella Merli
CA Auto Bank Italia

Marcella Merli has been appointed as Head of CA Auto Bank Italia as of 4 April 2023.

Furthermore, she has been Country Manager CA Auto Bank Belgium until September 2023.

Merli began her career in 2002, in the Financial Services sector of Targasys in Arese, where she worked in the Marketing department. In the following year, she joined Savarent’s Marketing department to work on Long Term Rental. She became Marketing Manager at Savarent in 2006.

Merli joined FCA Bank in 2009 and held various positions of increasing responsibility. In 2011, she was appointed as Brand Manager for Jaguar & Land Rover at the group level. From May 2016, she served as Group Head of Sales and Marketing until July 2020 when she became the Country Manager of the Belgian branch of FCA Bank.

Merli’s responsibilities expanded in January 2021 when she was put in charge of the Belgian branch of Leasys. In August 2022, she took over as the Country Manager of the Dutch branch of FCA Bank while continuing her role as the Country Manager of the Belgian branch of FCA Bank.

Merli has a degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration from the School of Economics of the University of Turin, Italy

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