Mike Pierce, Sytner Group
Mike Pierce
Managing Director, Sytner Finance
Sytner Group

Mike Pierce has been a Sytner Main Board Director for many years. Sytner Group is the largest UK motor retail group (by turnover), employing over 11,000 people. Mike’s responsibilities include oversight for good customer outcomes/integrity/risk and general F&I strategy. He interacts frequently with the Group F&I Director and the Group Compliance Director. He has 47 years industry experience. He started as a trainee for an American Finance company, but within a couple of years migrated to the automotive industry in the F&I field.

Mike was past chairman of ‘NFDA F&I Working Group’. This group assists the franchise dealer network on TCF/regulatory matters and also involves interaction with the FCA and the FLA. Mike continues to be an active participant in this group.