Event themes

Our 2022 conference will centre around collaboration and discussion, providing attendees with a much needed opportunity to meet face-to-face to network, share knowledge, gain new insights and problem solve. We will be realising the event agenda shortly, however we have released an overview of the topics that will be discussed.

Delivering value from tech in 2022: What leaders in auto and equipment finance are focussing on right now! Case studies from equipment vendor finance, consumer and business auto finance, independent and SME finance providers in 2022

With global pandemic has pushed 80% of customers online, it is clear that the rate of digital change is here to stay.

For SME’s a big corporate alike, the need to be agile and responsive to market changes and risk has never been greater. Those who are late in embracing a digital world will be left behind.

The AFC Conference 2022, have gathered the biggest industry players, the most innovative start ups and forward thinking stakeholders to share their best practice and insight into how they’re propelling their businesses forward in a new world for the Asset Finance industry.

Key themes for 2022 include:

  • Digital Transformation/Emerging Technologies
  • ESG/Circular Economy
  • Business Growth/Cost/Profitability
  • New Business Models
  • Market Conditions
  • Regulation and Compliance
  • Risk and Exposure
  • Talent and People