Martin Goodson, Evolution AI
Martin Goodson
Evolution AI

Martin is the CEO, co-founder and Chief Scientist of Evolution AI, an award-winning data extraction firm.

Before his role at Evolution AI, Martin was a former Oxford University scientific researcher and led AI research at multiple organisations. Martin’s contributions to AI and data science were recognised in 2019 when he was elected Chair of the Data Science and AI Section of the Royal Statistical Society, the membership group which represents professional data scientists in the UK. Martin also leads the London Machine Learning Meetup: the largest community of data experts in Europe.

Under the guidance of Martin and co-founder Rafal Kwasny, Evolution AI has revolutionised intelligent data extraction by leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies. The firm's proprietary deep-learning models incorporate computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), enabling data extraction from documents with remarkable accuracy and closely emulating how humans read.

The exceptional capabilities of Evolution AI have been acknowledged through numerous accolades and nominations. They were honoured with the Leading Innovators in Data Extraction – Europe award in the Fintech Awards. Additionally, the company was shortlisted for the Outstanding Innovation award by Asset Servicing Times, alongside esteemed organisations such as Apex Group, Delta Data, S&P Global, and Tata Consultancy Services.

Martin works closely with Evolution AI's clients, delivering state-of-the-art AI-powered solutions tailored specifically for the financial services sector. Currently, Evolution AI processes an astonishing volume of over 1.5 million pages per day on behalf of its clients, encompassing an array of document types, including invoices, bank statements, financial statements, and custom documents.

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