Tony Lynch,
Tony Lynch

I have always looked for market opportunities and, once identified, founded businesses to explore and develop the opportunity.

In 2008 our idea was that people would read ebooks on smartphones. I founded Mobcast, an e-commerce platform, white labelled for Telefonica in Spain, Singapore Telecom, WH Smiths and others. Mobcast was sold to Tesco in September 2013.

I created Faxi in 2014, an Internet platform and mobile application that encouraged commuters to share their commute to work with co-workers and rewarded them using patented proximity measurement technology.

After selling Faxi to Toyota financial services and Toyota insurance management in 2019, I adopted the role of the entrepreneur in residence at Toyota financial services EAR.

With TFS, we are now developing the CarPass product. Pre-finance the car buyer at the beginning of the car buying journey, and provide them with stock and buying support inside a mobile app to retain the customer for the car buying journey and beyond.

The Carpass team is developing artificial intelligence to identify online buying and brand intent while also piloting how Generative AI can support the car buyer through the car buying process—a Truly game-changing opportunity.

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