Leo van den Dungen, DLL
Leo van den Dungen
Head of Transformational Growth

Leo is currently the Head of Transformational Growth at Cargobull Finance. His responsibilities include bringing new business models and opportunities to DLL. He is also the Vice President of Global Program Management Vendor Finance within BU Construction, Transport & Industrial at DLL with responsibility for multi (global) vendor relationships as well as Strategic Initiatives (Europe) within the Business Unit.

Prior to this, he was the Global Asset Manager, Business Unit at DLL from 2017-2021. His key tasks were setting asset management strategies for the BU for Materials Handling, Construction, Cranes, Transport, Industrial, Port Handling Equipment, Fleet Management etc, Asset Valuations and Remarketing Strategies and product development & innovation.

Leo's other previous companies have included Komatsu, Deloitte and Rabobank amongst others.

Email: leo.vandendungen@dllgroup.com
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