How to succeed in the post COVID-19 equipment and auto finance landscape


Two titans from the global equipment and auto finance industry both with their own vision of how technology, changing customer needs and expectations, and a shifting political and regulatory environment will transform the auto and equipment industry.

They will present their visions of the future at this year’s keynote session at Asset Finance Connect (the new name for the International Asset Finance Network)

Bill Verhelle, CEO of QuickFi, former chairman of the US Equipment Leasing and Finance Association and founder of First American Equipment Finance will argue that the equipment finance industry is investing in technology that bakes-in current industry business and operational models that no longer make sense as on-line interactions replace face-to-face transactions. He presents an alternative recipe for the industry which he believes will lead to longer term industry success.

Giacomo Carelli, CEO of Leasys and Head of FCA Bank, one of the most innovative auto finance organisations in the world will provide a complementary vision, as Leasys continues to develop their innovative Leasys Miles and Leasys Unlimited usage products.

  • Each leader will present their vision
  • Each leader will join David Betteley and Andrew Denton, CEO, Alfa on Asset Finance Connect sofa to discuss their conclusions
  • Each leader will be ready to answer your questions in our most interactive session so far

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CEO, QuickFi
Innovation Finance USA, LLC
leader – auto finance
Asset Finance Connect
CEO & GM / Chairman
FCA Bank / Leasys