New for 2022 – dedicated workshops for asset finance specialists

Asset Finance Connect is ringing the changes to our highly successful asset, auto and equipment finance sessions with up to four new roundtables sessions dedicated to meeting the specific needs of specific important groups within our three communities who may want to discuss specialist topics which will not necessarily appeal to all of the broader communities we serve. These workshop groups might include chief technology officers wishing to meet to consider technical issues around the use emerging technologies in asset finance or heads of compliance wanting to discuss the detail in emerging regulation for example.

If you are a professional services firm (strategy consultants, lawyers or advisory firm) with the appetite to run dedicated roundtable sessions for up to 40 CTOs, heads of compliance or other specialist target audiences then we want to hear from you. We’re offering roundtable rooms for your dedicated use; and complimentary places for your target audience. This is a trial opportunity which we will use to identify partners to work with in our future events.

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Roundtables for chief technology officers and heads of compliance

New sessions in our Autumn 2022 conference

WORKSHOP 1 - full day session for chief technology officers

Inaugural meeting of the Asset Finance Connect Technology Group

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Target Audience: chief technology officers from auto and equipment finance organisations

Location: etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate

Introductory session, led by Finativ, trialling a forum for chief technology officers from auto and equipment finance organisations.

An opportunity to help steer the development of a working group which seeks to collaborate to understand and accelerate uptake of emerging/innovative technology. An opportunity to discuss with peers, share insights about changing business expectations and how technology functions will need to drive that transformation. Assess the opportunities from emerging technologies; identify best use cases and critical functionality for asset finance organisations; and learn from others’ experience and share your own.

  1. Pre-event: half hour individual meetings with participants to discuss key technologies, trends and challenges that will impact the industry,
  2. On the day: delphi workshops at the Asset Finance Connect Conference consisting of four private workgroups to review consolidated findings from the pre-event meetings, then identify and assess four technologies of specific interest to the industry, considering each technology in turn over the day. Each session will build on the findings of the previous group, followed by a presentation of final outcomes at the end of the day.
  3. At the end of the workshop you will be asked to provide feedback on what you liked about the day, and how we can make it better to meet your needs.
  4. Post-event you will receive a briefing summary of the findings from the day and the opportunity to participate in future initiatives of the Asset Finance Connect Technology Group.

Attendance is complimentary and by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, or would like more information then please email or

WORKSHOP 2 - half day session focussed on consumer duty

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Target Audience : targeted at individuals focussed on implementing changes to their organisations following the guidelines released by the FCA in July

Location : etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate

Time: 09:30 – 13:00 (lunch will be provided)

Session organisers : Stephen Dawson, Head of Financial Services, Partner, Shoosmiths and Wayne Gibbard, Commercial Clients and Strategy, Shoosmiths.

Format : presentation followed by a series of interactive case studies. Participants will make decisions which relate to Consumer Duty at a fictitious finance provider taking the role first of a finance provider; and then as a member of the FCA.

Content questions :

Participants are welcome to attend the conference for the rest of the day, which will lots of great content including additional information about Consumer Duty.

Attendance is complimentary and by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, or would like more information then please email